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Mortgage Services and More

Buffy Real Estate has established long-term relationships with several mortgage companies. We are well versed in the needs and requirements of condos, townhouses, and co-op style properties. Our team has the prospectus, by-laws, and financial statements for most of the communities we deal with, and can readily acquire the ones we don't have. With expert knowledge and statistics for all of our communities, we are able to help fulfill all mortgage application requirements.

Services for Sellers and Landlords

With our comprehensive documentation and years of experience, we offer a smooth sale and rental experience. Our exclusive marketing programs get better and faster results for our clients, as the condo, townhouse, and co-op markets are consistently our primary focus.

Advantages for Buyers and Tenants

Our real estate services specialize in the condo, townhouse, and co-op market. Due to our focus on specific markets, we're able to provide answers to many of the questions buyers and tenants have, including tax structure, common charge expense, and the difference between the varied types of ownership. We established good working relationships with the varied organizations involved in a real estate transaction, making it easier for the buyer or tenant to meet their requirements to purchase or rent. When dealing with Buffy Real Estate, you will find us to be professional real estate experts that work for you. Contact us now to learn how our extensive professional network gets us access to premier properties ahead of the rest of the market.

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